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ChiCeLaCu! is the only language immersion center in Northern Virginia specializing solely in Spanish. With more than 300 million Spanish speakers around the world, it is no wonder so many people are interested in learning the language for professional advancement and/or personal enrichment. ChiCeLaCu! recognizes and is responding to this demand by expanding its Spanish services to adults. For more information on Spanish classes for children, click here

With over 10 year of experience providing Spanish Immersion services, ChiCeLaCu! offers adult Spanish courses targeting business professionals, native speakers looking to improve their speaking and writing skills as well as individuals who are simply interested in learning the language. ChiCeLaCu! is also offering English as a Second Language for individuals interested in building a strong language foundation.


Advancing academic and professional growth through targeted language learning where students acquire critical skills to successfully compete in increasingly diverse and globally-oriented environments.



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2102 Gallows Rd. Vienna, VA 22182
Phone: 703-992-8722
Email: info@chicelacu.com